Maruti Suzuki in association with Times Now presents: India Road Safety Mission 2017, Conclave & Awards.
Award for best city-
pedestrian rights

Ensuring safe, convenient and enjoyable pedestrian environment.

Award for best city-
Motor Laws and traffic

Ensuring traffic law enforcement and strict penalties for violations.

Award for best city-

Level of cleanliness maintained i.e. frequency of road cleaning, garbage disposal mechanism, etc.

Road Infrastructure

Adequacy of infrastructure including roads, metro, water ways, railways, trams, subways, footover bridges, highways etc. and usage of the same by people of the city.

Award for best city-

Adequate facilities and convenience for physically challenged people i.e. roads and places having accessibility, reservations in public transport facilities, etc.

Award for best city-

Deployment of innovative technology to improve road safety e.g. electronic surveillance through speed detectors, advance warning lights, ramp-metering, etc.


Prioritizing road safety for children with initiatives such as children wearing helmets, adjustable seat belts in cars, speed limits around schools, playgrounds, etc.

Award for best city-
Lighting and maintainance

Ensuring adequate lighting and its regular maintenance in entire city including key centers, major road intersections, highways, heavy pedestrian use in the night and illumination of the sign boards, road dividers, etc.

Award for best city-
Emergency Services

Ensuring proper provision of emergency services e.g. Police, Ambulance, Fire.

Award for best city-

Quality and magnitude of intra and intercity connectivity i.e. well connected network of inner roads, accessibility to different parts of the city, etc.

Award for best city-
Road Safety

Level of road safety on the city roads i.e. accident control, safety sign boards, zebra crossings, radium reflectors, speed breakers & city people attitude to follow safety rules on road.

Award for best city-
Road quality

Overall quality of roads i.e. quality of new roads built, cracks on the road/ flyover/ bridge, inconvenience to people while doing maintenance work, pot holes and its management etc.

Award for best city-

Ensuring proper management of heavy vehicles with segregated vehicular traffic movement, defined maximum weight capacity, extra HMV lanes and ramps, etc.