Making inroads into a happier tomorrow

About the Initiative

Road Safety is continuous concern in India. In addition to the on-going road safety efforts, over the last 4 years, Maruti Suzuki has been campaigning the cause of road safety in India with the India Road Safety Mission.

Last year through this inititative, a Road Safety Index report on 8 cities in India.

This year the initiative will truly assume proportion of a mission by sustaining dialogue with policy makers, city authorities, public & experts and is expanding to 10 cities.

The index will be rating the 10 cities on how they fare when it comes to road safety and put a spotlight on the specific concerns each city must address.

The index will rate 10 metros on key parameters like motor laws and traffic control, people safety, pedestrian rights, lighting & maintainence and pollution will seek participation from both experts and public. Basis the index findings, the cities will be awarded basis performance across the index parameters.

The initiative will end a road safety conclave where India’s thought leaders will come together to discuss how to address challenges in road safety and make India’s roads a happy place.